Bespoke Tales

Sophie Harley Bespoke Ring
30th Wedding Anniversary Ring

This unique and precious 30th wedding anniversary ring was created to incorporate the whole family.

Bespoke Drawing
A Ring With A Story

Beautiful intricate wire work & goldsmithing echoes the curvilinear style of Art Nouveau and various ancestors & members of the family are represented in the subtle shapes of a lily petal & holly leaf. A beautifully crafted writers quill also has special meaning to the family.

Bespoke Wedding Rings | 30th Anniversary Wedding Ring - Sophie Harley
Family Birthstones

The intertwined filigree work & curved lines of natural forms create a beautiful landscape within which to set each family birthstone. Pink tourmaline, sapphires & diamond with a fresh water pearl taking centre stage specifically to celebrate the special anniversary. The ring was created using a combination of 18ct white and yellow gold.